At Cottage Corporation, we use our state-of-the-art technologies to color our plastic products to your exact specifications. With these capabilities, we can ensure you get the look you want for your products. While blending colors or finding the right color in plastics may seem simple, it needs to be specially completed to ensure the colors match and the consistency looks good. With our tools, we are able to inject blended colors into our products, so they turn out to your exact specifications. Here, our experts at Cottage Corp will discuss our coloring process, and how it can improve the appearance of your products.


During this process, our molders will mix concentrated pigments into a polymer carrier resin. This economical process is a great way to color match your plastics, and it can be done on a large or small scale. The masterbatch can be used to color a single batch of resin, or it can be used to color a variety of resins. This process can be completed quickly and is great for most color matching processes. Because we can match a variety of colors with our masterbatch capabilities, we can help get the look you need for your plastic products.

Cube Blends

Though not as efficient as masterbatches, this type of blending can be used in certain situations. A cube blend focuses on using a dry masterbatch with a natural polymer. By carefully blending these two materials, you can ensure there are no color variations and you get the tone you need for your customer’s needs.


At Cottage Corporation, we are able to acquire both pre-colored resin, and we can engineer colored resin. With our technology, we are able to guarantee the colors we produce will match what you are looking for. We understand how important it is for your business to have eye-catching displays and fixtures, and we will do what we can to ensure you get what you need from our team.

Specialty Compounds

If you need a specialty compound for your coloring needs, it’s important that the company you choose can effectively color your products without changing the properties of the material. At Cottage Corp, we have the technologies available to properly mix different pigments and hues without changing the material’s properties. With our abilities, we are able to provide your plastic compounds with the appearance you need for your displays. Being able to mix specialty compounds allows our team to cater to your every need and puts us a step above the competition.

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