As the seasons change and holidays come and go, it’s crucial you adjust the displays within and around your storefront to match the times. In Minnesota, we’re in the heart of fall and slowly approaching winter, so it’s critical to adapt your store displays to keep attracting customers and match the times. Many of your customers will be getting into the swing of the holiday experience and want to see the same thing when they go shopping. As winter approaches, now is a great time to incorporate new displays to bring in more foot traffic and attract customers through your ads and online promotions. Additionally, this year has been strange, so you need to take extra precautions when setting up your displays for the winter season. Here, our experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss some of these ideas so you can start to plan your displays.

Use Winter Decorations

For many people, the holidays are one of the most enjoyable times of the year, and many enjoy seeing festive decorations when they’re out shopping. The temperatures are starting to plummet and if your retail business sells clothing, make sure you advertise any cold-weather clothes and products you may have. Additionally, depending on what you sell, you can create unique displays that highlight the time of the year and uniquely tie in the products you sell.

Though you have to take social distancing measures into effect for the near future, you can still create unique displays to draw in attention from current and potential customers. Using custom products, like the plastic display pieces we make at Cottage Corporation, you can create displays that are spread out and encourage customers just to look for the time being. Investing in products such as display fixtures, specific product pieces, bins and containers, and more can help you create top-notch displays to attract customers.

Study Customer Behavior and Feedback

One of the easiest ways to determine what kind of displays you should use in the future is by examining how your displays have worked in the past. Monitoring customer engagement with displays, which products are more popular, and how your customers engage with products is the easiest way to create new displays. At Cottage Corporation, we can help you evaluate these things and make plans from there to help you improve your displays and bring in more revenue. Contact us today to learn more.

Contact Cottage Corporation

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