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Custom Acrylic Displays and Fixtures

Plastic retail display stand displaying watches.

Looking for a unique way to display merchandise, optimize sales, and boost your brand? Cottage Corporation specialize in custom plastic fabrication with a focus on creating solutions tailored to your business’ specific needs. From acrylic display risers to boxes and bins, each product we create is designed by engineers and hand fabricated by technicians with extensive experience in the plastic and acrylic fabrication industry.

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When you partner with an award-winning plastic fabrication company, you can expect the best. Our products are high quality, cost effective, and always delivered on time. Examples of custom displays and fixtures we provide include:

  • Fencing and dividers
  • Acrylic (plexiglass) display risers
  • Bins (fixed or adjustable)
  • Cylinders and canisters
  • Accessory holders
  • Acrylic displays
  • Display boxes
  • Display cases
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Acrylic display stands
  • Spinners
  • Sign holds
  • Shelves

Does your product require mixed materials or printing?

We have strategic partnerships in metal and wood manufacturing and screen or digital printing. We also partner with both domestic and import suppliers to ensure we can complete your project in the most cost-effective way for the timeline. Contact us today to get started!

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When you need custom plastic products, trust the professionals at Cottage Corporation! Since 1973, we’ve specialized in tailor-made products for companies of all sizes throughout the U.S.

Custom products we create include displays and fixtures, touch and feel displays, signage and branding, parts and components, bins and containers, awards, and more. If you have an idea for a product, we can bring it to life!

Our Awards

We’re proud to be an award-winning plastic fabrication company. Our awards include:

  • Target Partner Award of Excellence
    Cottage Corporation was recognized with this award two years in a row for design development, cost reduction efforts, value added engineering, timely shipping, and lowest damage rates.
  • Target Vendor of the Year 2008 & 2009
    Our team was awarded for meeting the highest level of service and ranked top in design development projects, cost reduction efforts, value added engineering, and, most importantly, timely product shipment and low damage rates.
  • Target Recognition Award 1994
    We received this award for outstanding fixture support.
  • Kohl’s “Top of the Top” and “Steady Eddy” 2009 Award
    In 2009, we were recognized by Kohl’s as the most reliable vendor with the most consistent customer service.
  • Kohl’s Outstanding Performance Award 2004
    Our team was awarded for meeting and exceeding expectations, on-time performance, delivering consistently high-quality products, and quick follow-up on issues.
  • Kohl’s Outstanding Performance Award 2002
    Cottage Corporation was awarded for being consistently thorough and responsive with quick turnaround times and excellent product quality.
  • Kohl’s Vendor Performance Award 2001
    We received this award for our commitment to quality, value, and customer service.
How We Provide Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Running with a lean, skilled workforce in both the office and the factory helps us manage our overhead.
  • We aggressively source both domestic and import materials and components for production.
  • We’re able to continually improve labor efficiency and project time through tracking and analysis.
  • We do our best to hire the right workers for the right jobs.
  • Our professionals engineer simple, yet effective designs that help reduce components and materials.
  • We design and manufacture our products with the maximum raw material yield.
  • We participate in capital investments that support the needs of our clients.

From material selection to polishing, we handle every aspect of your custom plastics project to ensure the most cost-effective, high-quality outcome. We work with a wide range of plastics, including ABS, acrylic (plexiglass), styrene (polystyrene), HDPE, nylon, PVC, polycarbonate, and more. We’re happy to offer suggestions based on years of design knowledge and experience. Contact us today to get started!