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What Is CNC Plastic Machining?

CNC machining is a great way to ensure your company can create the exact products your customers request. This efficient tool allows for the quickest turnaround, and we know our group can get you what you need.

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How to Prevent UV Radiation from Degrading Plastics

Treating your plastic products is crucial when you are trying to prevent UV radiation degradation. When your products are properly treated, you do not have to worry about how they look for your business, or how you will repair them.

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How Can You Change the Color of Plastic?

When you need color matching for your plastic products, it’s crucial to find a company that can blend and match colors for your exact specifications.

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What’s the Difference Between Cast and Extruded Acrylic?

Planning to use acrylic for your plastic fabrication project? There are two basic types of acrylic that plastic fabricators use. Click to learn about the differences between cast and extruded acrylic. When you’re ready to get started, choose Cottage Corporation for high-quality plastic fabrication!

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4 Common Types of Plastic and What They’re Used For

Did you know there are thousands of varieties of plastic? As a custom plastic fabrication company, we’ve worked with many different types of plastic for retail displays, plastic components, and plastic parts. Click to read about four common types of plastic and what they’re used for.

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