Food Service

Food Display Cases and Stands

Dry bakery display case with cookies and donuts.

Cottage Corporation provides a variety of display solutions for the food service industry—everything from food display cases to information holders and related marketing products. Each and every design we create is custom-made to suit your needs and fit with the look and feel of your business.

If you need an innovative solution, contact us today! We work well with both large and small businesses, and can make nearly anything you can imagine out of plastic.

Examples of custom plastic products we’ve fabricated for the food service industry include:

  • Information holders
  • Food display case
  • Cookie display case
  • Produce dividers
  • Produce stands
  • Cake stands
  • Dry bakery display case
  • Signage

Whether you already have a sketch or engineered drawing, or need us to create a completely custom design, we have the equipment and experience to deliver the most cost-effective, high-quality solution. We work with plastics such as acrylic (plexiglass), ABS, HDPE, nylon, polycarbonate, PETG, and more. Contact us today to talk more about the benefits of working with our team!

Why Our Products Are Great for Food Service

Our plastic products play a critical role in the organization of businesses. For food service companies, they’re especially useful for security, display, and keeping food and other products sanitary. When your customers walk into your restaurant, bakery, or diner, they want to clearly see the products you offer and what makes your brand unique. Our products help make that possible.

Our customized plastic products offer many advantages for your food business:

  • Affordable - Metal is traditionally used for food service displays, but plastic is much less expensive.
  • Lightweight - Because it’s lighter than other materials, plastic can help your team change displays faster and make your space easier to organize and rearrange.
  • Durable - Our high-quality products can withstand the rigors of being used in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

Contact Cottage Corporation today to order custom plastic products for your food service company!