Organization is the key to operational efficiency, and efficient operation is vital to your business’s bottom line. While this is true for every business, certain facilities — such as those in the medical and food service industries — tend to rely more heavily on highly visual, easy-to-understand organizational systems. This is where acrylic bins and plastic containers shine, especially when they’re color coordinated.

Curious what organizational bin storage can do for your business’s bottom line? The plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation have the details below.

Rapid Item Identification

Almost nothing slows down operations more than not being able to find the item you need, when you need it. Color-coded or labeled acrylic bins can solve that problem entirely. Color-coding is highly useful because it provides an instantly recognizable visual cue of where a particular item or category of items is located.

Because this type of organizational system is simple to learn and easy to recognize, it can dramatically reduce time spent searching for critical supplies, tools, and other essential items. At Cottage Corporation, we can custom fabricate acrylic bins and plastic containers according to your precise design specifications. Not only will your business be significantly more organized, but you’ll also enjoy a custom aesthetic that perfectly complements the look and feel of your brand.

Minimize Risks Associated With Product Mixups

In certain industries, absolute precision is essential for health and safety; in others, it’s critical for providing a high level of customer satisfaction. And when it comes to keeping supplies, tools, prep materials, and other important items properly contained and organized, a well-defined storage system is key. Once again, acrylic bins and plastic containers provide a perfect solution.

Color-coded acrylic bins can be used across a wide variety of industries to minimize potential risks associated with supply mixups and incorrect use. A couple of examples include:

●        In the medical industry, acrylic bins can be used to house and organize a wide variety of critical medical supplies for easy recognition and rapid retrieval.

●        In the food service industry, color-coded acrylic and plastic containers can be used to keep different ingredients properly contained, thereby minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and allergic reactions in vulnerable populations.

By keeping your products properly organized and contained according to a coordinated system, you help minimize your risk of multiple hazards and mishaps. Ultimately, fewer mishaps cost you less time and money, which will effectively increase your business’s bottom line.

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