At Cottage Corporation, we create several types of plastic, each of which has its own benefits. At Cottage Corporation, we manufacture acrylic plastic, which is extremely versatile and one of the most popular types of plastic that many businesses use. Acrylic plastic is strong, can be customized to be several colors, and it has several uses. When we manufacture acrylic, we create it in two different ways. With our manufacturing techniques, we can create both extruded and cast acrylic plastic, and both are a great option for a variety of products. So, what’s the difference between cast and extruded acrylic?

Extruded Acrylic

Though both cast and extruded acrylic are great choices for several products, they're made in starkly different ways. With extruded acrylic, we form the plastic with an extruder machine. To form the plastic, the machine pushes the pellets through a form. Once in the form, the plastic is melted and shaped into a flat sheet. From there, we’re able to cut the acrylic into the necessary shapes for your requested products. With extruded acrylic, there are certain benefits you don’t get with cast acrylic, though both are great options for your products. Some benefits of this type of acrylic include:

●        Resists ultraviolet radiation

●        Most economical choice

●        The plastic is more uniform

●        Heterogeneous material

●        Easy to manipulate

●        Strong and resistant to damage

●        Light and clear

Cast Acrylic

Cast acrylic is also a good option when you’re choosing between different types of acrylic. Though it’s made slightly different than extruded acrylic, it’s a quality product that will last for several years and serve the purpose you are looking for. When we form cast acrylic through a set process by using liquid ingredients and chemical processes. To start, we have molds we use to form the plastic. We heat the mold and pour the liquid ingredients into them before heating them. When the molds are heated up, the ingredients go through a chemical process, and afterward, rigid, smooth acrylic is created. Cast acrylic has some additional benefits, such as:

●        Easy to shape and manipulate

●        Strong and damage-resistant

●        More color options than extruded plastic

●        Very pliable

●        Sturdier than extruded plastic

●        Resists ultraviolet radiation damage

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