At Cottage Corporation, we opened for business years ago, and in that time, we’ve used countless types of plastic, and we’ve learned to specialize in the fabrication and manufacturing of a variety of plastics. Depending on the products you need to be made and our manufacturing experts’ specifications and expertise, we’ll create the top products for your needs and ensure they suit your business. By specializing in the fabrication and use of several plastic types, we’ve been able to grow our business through the years and cater to all types of customers who need a variety of products and services. So, what are some of the common types of plastics we use at Cottage Corporation, and why do we use them?


Polystyrene is one of the most commonly used plastics throughout the world. However, you probably know it by a more common name, which is styrofoam. Styrofoam comes in several forms and can be customized for use in a variety of different ways. As our technological advances continue to grow, it’s inevitable that we’ll find more ways to use polystyrene. With its unique makeup, this type of plastic is actually about 95% air and is very lightweight. As you know, styrofoam is usually used for packaging food and certain products, such as:

●        Toys

●        Electronics

●        Car parts

●        And more

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This type of plastic, High Impact Polystyrene, is tougher than styrofoam and is proven to be both versatile and easy-to-make. Additionally, HIPS is easy to order and is very cost-efficient, while also coming in a variety of colors, which allows it to be used for several products and purposes. Some of the uses for HIPS include:

●        Store displays

●        Signs

●        Parts for appliances and cars

●        And more

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If you’re looking for a lightweight plastic that is durable and resistant to many chemicals and other harmful substances. PETG stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is typically used in several industries, such as in the food and medical industries. PETG is often used when it comes to packaging and making bottles, and it’s usually easy to recycle. Some uses of PETG include:

●        Signs

●        Food display cases

●        Plastic glove dispensers

●        And more


Probably the most common plastic we use in our manufacturing is acrylic plastic. This plastic can be customized in a variety of ways, such as different colors, fluorescent, anti-static, transparent, lightweight, and UV-resistant. Often, acrylic is used to replace glass in certain products and fixtures to reduce the chance of broken glass, scratches, and damage to the products. Some uses of acrylic include:

●        Security displays

●        Food displays

●        Signage

●        Retail fixtures and displays

●        And more

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