When it comes to fabricating plastics and acrylics, there are several ways to get the job done. But that doesn’t mean all of them create the same final result. Certain production methods are far more precise than others and therefore, better suited for creating intricate pieces with supreme accuracy.

One of those production methods, CNC plastic machining, is a process we utilize extensively at Cottage Corporation. Below, we highlight the benefits of this highly precise fabrication technique and how it works.

What Is CNC Machining?

Before we get into the benefits of CNC (computer numeric control) machining, it’s helpful to explain what exactly this production method is and how it works. Computer numeric control is one of the most advanced technologies used to create acrylic and plastic products.

This production method relies on pre-programmed software that precisely dictates the movement of factory machinery and tools to create products with meticulous attention to detail. At Cottage Corporation, our custom CNC machines integrate with the latest CAD/CAM software, allowing us to download custom drawing files that contain precise product specifications. This allows us to streamline our production process and deliver rapid product turnaround to our clients.

Benefits of Using CNC Plastic Machining in Custom Fabrication

CNC has become an integral part of modern acrylic fabrication technologies for a variety of reasons, not least of which is its incredible precision. Beyond accuracy and precision, though, CNC offers a number of benefits as a plastics production method, including:

●        Increased production rates. CNC plastic machining is one of the most efficient methods of fabricating acrylics because it eliminates the need for multiple stages of production. Because CNC incorporates various techniques such as drilling, edging, and v-grooving as part of its comprehensive production process. Fewer secondary processes increase overall product production speed, which allows for shorter turnaround and delivery times. 

●        Lowers manufacturing costs. Because a CNC machine is highly accurate, it produces less waste than other production methods. Less raw materials waste ultimately lowers production costs, which boosts the manufacturer’s bottom line and ultimately, allows the supplier to pass cost savings on to the client.

●        Minimizes the potential for setup errors. Most CNC machinery incorporates synchronized measuring probes, which significantly reduce the probability of errors during setup.

●        Improves production safety. CNC plastic machining is completely automated and controlled by pre-programmed software. Since machine operators do not have to be directly involved in the production process, this fabrication method can significantly improve facility safety.

Trust Your Plastic Fabrication to Cottage Corporation

If you’re in the market for custom-fabricated plastic or acrylic products, trust your project to our team at Cottage Corporation. Since 1973, we’ve been fabricating high-quality, cost-effective custom acrylics and plastics for multiple industries and companies across the United States.

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