Production Methods

Our Production Methods

Cottage Corporation specializes in plastic and acrylic fabrication and manufacturing. Customer specification is one of our core competencies; we’ll work closely with you to design and engineer a custom product that meets your exact needs.

From material selection to full-service fabrication, CNC machining and laser cutting to assembly and fulfillment, we handle every aspect of your custom plastic project to ensure a top-quality product with a quick turn-around time. Contact us today to get a quote.

Full Capabilities List

Check out our full capabilities list of production methods, additional services, materials used, and more below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via phone or email.

Production Methods Used
  • CNC Routing/Drilling
  • Cold Forming
  • Die Stamping
  • Drilling/Tapping
  • Edge Finishing
  • Flame Polishing
  • Heat Bending
  • Jointing
  • Laser Cutting
  • Material Bonding
  • Mechanical Fastening
  • Vinyl Cutting
Additional Services Available
  • Assembly/Pack Out
  • Custom Display Building
  • Engineering
  • Importing
  • Kitting
  • Packaging and Fulfillment
  • Perfect Product Placement
  • Printing
Materials Used
  • ABS
  • Acrylic (Plexiglass)
  • ​HDPE
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • PETG
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Styrene (Polystyrene)
  • PVC & Exapanded PVC
Material Thickness
  • ​0.80"
  • .100"
  • .118"
  • .177"
  • .220"
  • .236"
  • .354"
Production Volume
  • Prototypes
  • Low Volume
  • Small Run
  • High Volume
  • Large Run
  • Long Run
  • Large Scale Production Volume Run
Quality Control
  • First part inspection
  • In-process inspection
  • Final inspection
Lead Times
  • Quoted on a per-job basis
  • Rush services available
File Formats Accepted
  • AI Adobe Illustrator
  • AutoCAD (DWG, DXF)
  • DXF
  • DWG
  • PDF
  • Engineered Surfaces
  • Metal
  • Printing
  • Wood

Why Do We Use So Many Production Methods?

At Cottage Corporation, we take pride in being able to custom-make a variety of products based on the exact specifications of our individual customers. No matter what you are looking for to enhance your business, better organize your merchandise, or more, we can create it. With the various production methods listed above, we are able to make each individual product how it should be made, without cutting corners and using a production method that shouldn’t be used for certain products. With our expertise, we will be able to create the right production plan for the products you ordered, before manufacturing them and delivering them to you in a timely manner.

What Makes Us Different

At Cottage Corporation, we pride ourselves on our various capabilities and the products we are able to make. We can custom-build virtually anything made out of plastic, such as:

Each of our products is custom-made to your specifications. For our work and our ability to satisfy our customers' needs, we have won several prominent awards for excellence from our many clients. Since we began business in 1973, we have been serving the metro area, and as we have grown, we have expanded into serving companies and corporations across the country. We deliver high-quality, timely products that will enhance your business. To learn more, contact us today.

Contact Cottage Corporation Today

If you own or operate a commercial business and are in need of various custom-made acrylic products, contact Cottage Corporation today. We can design and manufacture a plethora of plastic products that we know will enhance your business and its layout. To learn more or get a quote, give us a call at 612-722-9090 or message us on our contact page today.