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What Is The Difference Between The Hot Runner And Overmolding Process?

At Cottage Corporation, we can make a variety of plastic products for you, so you can properly market your brand and display your products how you want to. In addition to making several different turnkey products, we also design and manufacture the individual parts and components that go in our products and additional parts and components that can be used to enhance our products or items you already have. We can create a large amount of these custom parts for you, or we can create one specific part. Each of the custom acrylic parts and components we make is formed using a custom mold. We create our specialized molding techniques using two unique processes. Here, our manufacturing experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss the two processes we use for molding.

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What Is Laser Cutting And What Are Its Benefits?

Laser cutting is one of the most efficient plastic production methods available. At Cottage Corporation, we use laser cutting among several other types of production methods to make the highest quality products for our clients. The production method we use is determined by the product you want to be made, as some products turn out better when made using one method over another. However, laser cutting is seen as one of the most productive production methods available because of its efficiency and ability to produce intricate products. Here, our plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss laser cutting for plastic production and its benefits.

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