Laser Cutting

Acrylic Laser Cutting

More and more companies are choosing laser cutting for creating eye-catching displays and signs. Laser cut acrylic offers many advantages, including:

  • Intricate cut details to close tolerances not achievable with other processes
  • The ability to change component designs quickly due to CNC programming flexibility
  • Little to no hard tooling and minimal part variation due to the small heat affected zone introduced by the laser

At Cottage Corporation, we can laser cut practically any shape with the highest precision! Cutting edges are always polished and chipless. Click here to request a quote for your project today.

Laser Cut Acrylic Products

Among many applications, laser cutting is especially suitable for architectural models, goods manufacturing, gift manufacturing, graphic imaging, packaging, prototyping, and awards.

With laser cutting, we can reach high repeatability and consistent quality. Our lasers are capable of processing colored, structured, and mirrored acrylics. For more information,  connect with us online.