At Cottage Corporation, we can make a variety of plastic products for you, so you can properly market your brand and display your products how you want to. In addition to making several different turnkey products, we also design and manufacture the individual parts and components that go in our products and additional parts and components that can be used to enhance our products or items you already have. We can create a large amount of these custom parts for you, or we can create one specific part. Each of the custom acrylic parts and components we make is formed using a custom mold. We create our specialized molding techniques using two unique processes. Here, our manufacturing experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss the two processes we use for molding.

Overmolding Process

With our overmolding process, we are able to combine our plastics with other materials, like metal and rubber, to create specific products for our customers. Overmolding saves time when creating products because you can simultaneously mold the products together instead of having to assemble them later. Essentially, we mold one aspect of the product we are creating, like a toothbrush, first before molding the plastic around the first part of the product. This creates a cohesive seam and creates a durable, long-lasting product. To learn more about the overmolding process, contact our plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation today.

Hot Runner Process

At Cottage Corporation, we have started using a hot runner process to properly mold products together because of its efficiency compared to cold runner molds. For the hot runner process, we essentially heat the plastics between two hot plates. By heating two plates, we are able to keep the temperature consistent, which allows us to create a better product. When the plates are heated, the plastics we are molding are placed between the plates. From there, the plates do not move, and the products are molded together. The even heating creates a better-molded product.

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