Laser cutting is one of the most efficient plastic production methods available. At Cottage Corporation, we use laser cutting among several other types of production methods to make the highest quality products for our clients. The production method we use is determined by the product you want to be made, as some products turn out better when made using one method over another. However, laser cutting is seen as one of the most productive production methods available because of its efficiency and ability to produce intricate products. Here, our plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss laser cutting for plastic production and its benefits.

What Is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is exactly what it sounds like when it comes to plastic production. At Cottage Corporation, our use of laser cutting in plastic production methods allows us to quickly make state-of-the-art products for your business. The laser cutting methods we use at our facility include using a dual-head 200-watt laser. These lasers can cut up to 120 inches of plastic per minute. To ensure the laser captures the exact design needed, we input a design into our software, which is then translated into specific data points. With these data points properly aligned, we can ensure the products we are making for you are exact. Additionally, if your design changes slightly, we can quickly alter it and lose very little time while creating the products. Additionally, laser cutting is one of the best methods to create intricately detailed products.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is one of the most efficient production methods we use. With laser cutting, we can make custom products in a short amount of time out of unique materials. Because laser cutting doesn’t require router bits and other hardcore machinery, we can easily create products out of thin and lightweight materials. With production methods that require bits and other machinery, the plastic pieces can slip off of the table with the force of the machine. However, with laser cutting, we don’t need to worry about that. In addition to the ease of production and use, we also don’t need to complete any additional steps after we are done with the laser cutting. Typically, additionally polishing is needed, but the laser does all of the work.

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