Though you may not realize it, a variety of industries use everyday plastic display products, which includes the medical industry. Unless you work in a medical setting, you probably don’t realize how frequently these products are used for a variety of purposes in many settings. However, the medical industry is one of the primary industries we serve because of their need to have organized supplies and correctly labeled and marked signage, so guests and medical professionals can find their way around. From signs to instrument holders, we can supply you with everything you need. Here, our plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss the products we make for the medical industry and how they can benefit you.


Possibly one of the most important, if not the most important, products we make for the medical industry is plastic signage. Plastic signage is frequently used in retail and medical sectors to direct customers and guests to where they need to go. This is especially important in the medical industry. For instance, if you operate a large medical facility, you want to make sure each area of the building is labeled correctly. You need to have signs throughout directing visitors and patients on where to go. Additionally, there needs to be signage labeling where only professionals are allowed to go in and more. To learn more about the signage we can make, contact us today.

Organizational Displays

Similar to the products we make for retail stores and other industries, we can also make organizational displays and other products to help you and your staff display informational pamphlets and additional pertinent information. No matter what you need, we can create high quantity and quality display and organizational products to help your medical facility. These products can be used to hold and store medical tools, so they stay organized for medical professionals to use. To learn more about the displays and organizational devices we can make for you, contact us today.

Sanitation Holders

As you probably know, when you walk through a hospital or other medical facility, there are typically sanitation areas throughout the facility where hospital staff, patients, and visitors can all use hand sanitizer to sterilize their hands. Hospitals and medical buildings throughout the country have these sanitation stations spread throughout their facilities to encourage those who enter to do their part and stop the spread of disease. At Cottage Corporation, we can design sanitation holders specifically for the products you carry, so you can display your sanitation stations and encourage others to stop the spread of disease throughout your facilities.

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