When you operate a food service business, the display is everything. Whether you operate a large chain food service business or a smaller bakery or another service, you need to present a clean, organized front. If your customers come into your business and cannot clearly see the products you are offering or your displays are messy and unkempt, these potential customers will be less likely to purchase food from you or recommend your business to others. By investing in high-quality displays and signs, you can attract more customers, potentially bring in more business, improve reviews, and more.


Here, our plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss why you need to invest in quality display products for your food service business.

First Impressions Matter

When operating any business, especially a food service business, first impressions matter. If you operate a food business that is not put together, is dirty when customers walk in, and doesn’t clearly display the products, potential customers are less likely to buy your products or return to your business. People may say first impressions don’t matter, but that’s not the case when it comes to food. No one is going to come to your business if it doesn’t have a crisp presentation.

Lighting Matters

Even if you have a nice display case in place, it’s important you still have the proper lighting to surround your food display area. Good lighting makes your products look more desirable and increases the chances that customers purchase your food. If the lighting in your restaurant, deli, bakery, or more is too dim, your food may look old, burned, or worse. For that reason, you should invest in lights for the inside of your display case to let your products shine and sell themselves.

Your Display Case and Signage Matter

At Cottage Corporate, our fabrication experts can create a variety of display types to ensure you get the equipment you need to successfully market and advertise your products. When your food products are shown off in a custom display case created specifically for your store, you won’t have to point out your products to customers or attempt to do the heavy lifting when it comes to sales. The products will sell themselves.


At Cottage Corporation, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure we create the plastic products you need to successfully display your food. We can create products for both large and small businesses, and some of the products we create include the following for your food service business:

●        Produce stands

●        Produce dividers

●        Cake stands

●        Food display cases

●        Branded signs

●        Information holders


To learn more about the custom products we can make, contact our acrylic fabricators today.

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