As the seasons, styles, and products change on a continual basis, you need to adjust your business’s displays and advertising plans to keep up with the trends. Though things are different this year with the current pandemic and the guidelines in place to keep shoppers and stores safe, you still need to plan ahead to anticipate customer needs and trends for the fall. At Cottage Corporation, our team is experts on how to use plastic displays and other products, as well as seasonal trends. Here, we’ll discuss some of the layouts and designs you should consider as fall approaches.

Create Cohesive Displays Safely

The times are strange, but that doesn’t have to interfere with how your store approaches new displays for changing seasons. While you should probably stay away from touch and feel displays for the time being and bring them back out when the public health crisis is remedied, you can still organize your layout with designs that are sure to put everyone in the fall mood. Factoring the current events in, you can create new displays that eliminate touch and feel products, unless it’s absolutely necessary and done safely and create a design, so traffic flows smoothly through your store. While you want the products you want to push to be easy to find and displayed properly, you also need to consider current social distancing measures, among other things. When you come to Cottage Corporation for your plastic display products for retail use, we’ll provide you with the exact number of products you need to successfully set up your store’s layout.

Utilize Fall Decorations

As the seasons change, you should take full advantage of related decorations to get your customers and employees to feel festive and involved. When you think of fall, you think of the leaves changing colors, the temperatures growing colder, and pumpkins and other festive pieces. To go with your modified store layout that accommodates autumn, you should also invest in display aspects for fall decorations, both for sale and just for the appearance of your store. You can invest in bins and containers to store decorative pumpkins or leaves, or display fixtures for other fall-related pieces. You can also adorn your signs and branding images with season-related decorations to make your customers feel in the fall spirit. Contact us to learn more about how our products can help you with this today.

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