Depending on the products you request from our plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation, we will use different production methods to make them at the highest quality. Depending on the product we are making, we will use a different production method to ensure you get the best outcome possible. For some products, we use gluing as a production method because we have found that it is most efficient for certain products. However, gluing isn’t as simple as it sounds. We don’t use simple glue that is used in classrooms and homes. We use an industrial solvent that guarantees durability and longevity. Here, our plastic fabrication team will discuss why we use gluing as a production method.

It Works Best For Some Products

Some of the products we make are best produced using gluing as the primary production method. While we use a variety of production methods, such as heat bending, cold forming, hand fabrication, and mechanical fastening, we first sit down with our customers to establish what they want and what method would best suit its needs. Typically, we use gluing for a particularly difficult and complex product that requires unique production. Once we design the product, we will run the design by you to ensure it is up to your standards. Once you approve it, we will make a prototype to ensure it can handle the rigors of production. As soon as we get the design ready for the difficulties of pressure, we will use our strong solvent to liquefy the specific section of the plastic before applying an extreme amount of pressure to bond the parts together. The bond created during the gluing process is nearly indestructible and should last you for years to come. 

Its Durability Is Unprecedented

If one of your possessions breaks, you might instantaneously think, “I’ll fix it with superglue later.” However, superglue is no comparison to the industrial solvent that we use at Cottage Corporation. With our high-powered solvent and state-of-the-art production process, we guarantee the products we make for you will be durable and withstand the rigors of their intended use. During the production process, high amounts of pressure are applied to the plastic parts during production. A chemical bond is created during the gluing process and enforced with UV glue, which creates a nearly unbreakable bond. This chemical bond creates a strength unlike any other, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our products.

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