In recent months, most businesses have had to reevaluate their layout, safety precautions, and overall operation. The global pandemic has changed the way we do things for nearly everything, and that includes retail businesses, like yours. The chances are high that you’ve had to invest significant funds into personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety measures. How do you assess your store(s) to determine if you need to change layouts or take other measures to ensure safety for your customers and employees? It starts with assessing your layout before matching that up with safety guidelines and investing in the necessary changes. A large part of this will involve changing the traffic flow of your business. Here, our plastic design and fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss layout ideas for you to consider.

Fewer Interactive Displays

At Cottage Corporation, we make several different display types, each customized for every client’s exact specifications. Some of our more popular displays are interactive displays, which include things like touch and feel displays. With the global pandemic, you can’t have highly interactive displays because of the risk of spreading disease. We recommend reducing the number of interactive displays you have and investing in other displays that promote safety during this challenging time.

More Space Between Displays

In today’s world of social distancing and disease prevention, you might want to consider having fewer total displays and spreading them out. The farther away your displays are, the less chance there is for diseases to spread. If your store’s space allows for it, rearrange your displays, so there’s no chance of lines building up. With social distancing measures in place, people in your lines have to be six feet apart, which means the lines will stretch for some distance. With fewer displays, you don’t have to worry about your lines running into each other, which can be a cause for concern.

PPE Around Displays

One thing you can do to improve your store’s layout to increase employee and guest safety is to invest in PPE. For instance, if you have a display that requires customers to interact with it or take information from it, you can surround the display with PPE to limit the exposure between both sides. For instance, at Cottage Corporation, we make plastic barriers at any specification you desire. These barriers or shields can be portable if you choose, or they can be permanently mounted in other areas. These PPE barriers prevent the passing of airborne germs, which can help you keep people safe. While it may look strange when you first get them installed, you’ll soon come to love the flexibility and safety they bring, and you can rest assured knowing that you’re limiting the potential spread of germs.

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