At Cottage Corporation, we use a variety of production methods to ensure we can create each product to our customers’ exact specifications. Serving our customers to the best of our ability is our top priority, and our production methods allow us to do that. One of our main fabrication methods is cold forming. We use this method for a variety of reasons, some of which are specific to the products we are manufacturing, while others are dependent on the materials being used. Here, our plastic fabrication team will discuss the benefits of cold forming and why we use it often.

What is Cold Forming?

Essentially the opposite of heat bending, which we discussed in last month’s blog, cold forming is manipulating plastic to the desired shape without altering the temperature. With this production method, we essentially fasten or attach the plastic materials in place before beginning to shape the plastic. While this can be slightly difficult to do without the proper resources, it is one of the most effective ways to manipulate plastic.

What Are The Benefits of Cold Forming?

There are countless benefits of using cold forming as the primary fabrication method for your plastic manufacturing needs. With cold forming, there is less clean up involved than there is with other fabrication methods. Here, are some of the many benefits of cold forming in the plastic industry:

●        Better Efficiency | During the cold forming process, more products can be made at a rapid pace and at a high-quality. Cold forming is often more efficient than other production methods, and it allows us to create your products faster and deliver them sooner, which saves money over time.

●        Less Waste | Fewer materials are used to manufacture our products during the cold forming process, which saves on waste and makes cold forming one of the better options for sustainability. Additionally, using fewer materials results in less waste, which in turn saves money in finding a company to recycle the products.

●        Cost-Efficient | Because fewer materials are used in cold forming due to its efficient production, cold forming is extremely cost-efficient. If you are concerned about the cost of the products you ordered, if it’s applicable, we can use cold forming to make your products. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to please our customers, and if you request cold forming, we will use this fabrication method if it works with the product you requested.

●        Durable | Cold forming is one of the few fabrication methods that allow the materials used to be strengthened. Without manipulating the materials, nothing is taken away from the initial integrity of the materials, which makes them some of the most durable products we create.

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