At Cottage Corporation, we offer several types of plastic edge finishing so our customers can get the exact look they want for their products. We create and design a variety of different plastic products ranging from bins and containers to branding signs to displays and fixtures. For each of our products, we work with you step-by-step to discover what you are looking for, the specifications of what you want, and everything in between. Once we know what you want your product to look like, we will then focus on how you want it edged and finished. This is the final touch of any product, and it’s what gives your products a final look that makes them stand out. Here, our team will discuss the benefits of buffed edge finishing and why you should consider it for your products.

What is Buffed Edge Finishing?

Essentially, buffed edge finishing is used to get the ultimate finish even after our machines are done polishing your products. We typically reserve buffed edge finishing for thicker pieces of plastic. This is usually done because it can be difficult to make thicker plastic products pop and catch the eyes of passersby. With their greater thickness, impurities and other smudges can crop up on the plastic’s surface after it is done with its initial polishing. From there, high-finish gloss is put on plastic products to enhance their visual appearance. By ridding your products of smears and other imperfections, you know they will catch the eyes of more people, which may lead to increased traffic for your business.

What are the Additional Benefits of Buffed Edge Finishing?

Buffed edge finishing has a plethora of benefits that will make your plastic products some of the best around. With quality products, you can attract more customers to your business, which could encourage them to buy more of your products. This is especially true in the case of plastic products that are typically close to consumers. Say you have a plastic display set up in your store, and the display is incredibly scratched and unattractive to people passing by. By buffing your plastic products, they can become more attractive to consumers passing by, which is why buffing is typically used for products that will be seen often by consumers. Buffing’s other benefits include:


●        Buffing can be used on all types of plastic

●        Buffing leaves the best finish possible behind

●        Buffing leaves few if any, scratches and blemishes

●        And more

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