At Cottage Corporation, we use a variety of plastic fabrication methods to get you the products you need for your business. Different products require various production methods to ensure they meet the highest possible standards. Since we opened for business decades ago, we have been committed to providing each of our customers with the highest quality products and solutions for their plastic fabrication needs. With our state-of-the-art facilities and team members, our services are second to none, and we know you will be satisfied with the products we provide you with. Here, our acrylic fabrication experts will discuss hand fabrication and its benefits.

What Is Hand Fabrication?

Depending on the products you are looking for or the customizations you want them to include, we use various different fabrication methods to ensure your plastic products are everything you asked for and more. At Cottage Corporation, we typically use five primary methods of fabrication, each of which has its own unique processes. Hand fabrication is one of the oldest, most trusted methods of plastic fabrication. Essentially, our most experienced and trusted technicians will mold your plastic products by hand to get the desired look and exact specifications you were looking for. While other methods of fabrication may be quicker with the use of machines, hand fabrication is tried and true and will get you the products you want.

What Are The Benefits Of Hand Fabrication?

Using traditional hand fabrication methods is a sure way to get a quality product that will work for your company’s needs. While we use other fabrication methods, like mechanical fastening, heat bending, cold forming, and gluing, we use hand fabrication for specific products because of their variety of benefits. Some of the benefits of our hand fabrication production methods include:


●        Highly trained individuals working on your project

●        Created with care and precision

●        Ability to create a variety of products

●        Ability to control the speed of production

●        Products created exactly how you want them to be


To learn more about the benefits of our hand fabrication methods for plastic production, or to learn about the benefits of our other fabrication methods, contact Cottage Corporation today.

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