At Cottage Corporation, we use a variety of production methods to create several products out of a wide range of plastic materials. With our various production methods, we produce the highest quality plastic products on the market that are proven to enhance various businesses and industries. Of our various production methods, we use heat bending for several projects because of its efficient manipulative properties that allow us to quickly and effectively create a wide variety of products. Here, our licensed plastic technicians will discuss the benefits of heat bending and why we use it so prominently in our work.

What is Heat Bending?

There are several specific types of methods used in heat bending, but generally speaking, heat bending is the process of using high temperatures to get the plastic into a state where it can be easily manipulated to form different products in various shapes. However, this is easier said than done. You may only need a single area of the plastic sheet manipulated, but you have to provide even heating across the board. From there, the plastic needs to be placed in a solid structure, so it retains the shape you just gave it. Heat bending takes a great deal of skill, and with our years of experience and expertise, we can ensure you get the highest quality heat-manipulated products for your business.

What are the Benefits of Heat Bending?

There are several benefits to choosing heat bending for your project’s production method. Heat bending is a proven method that has been used for years in various industries. It is effective on the various types of plastic we use, such as acrylic, ABS, polyethylene, PVC, styrene, and more. Additionally, heat bending is a fairly quick and effective production method. As soon as the ideal temperature is met and the plastic sheet is evenly heated, the plastic is quickly manipulated into the desired shape, no matter how complex it is. Once the desired shape is reached, we then put it in a mold so it can cool quickly and be ready to go to your business. To learn more about heat bending and how it can be used for your project, contact Cottage Corporation today. 

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