At Cottage Corporation, our team can create a variety of products from raw plastic material that will withstand the elements you plan on exposing them to.  Unfortunately, many plastics degrade due to UV rays from natural sunlight. However, not all UV degradations are caused by natural sun rays. They can also be caused by strong UV rays from indoor fluorescent lights.


When the covers of certain fluorescent lights aren’t made properly, they can easily be degraded, which can adversely affect other plastic products in the area. Here, our experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss various ways we can manufacture raw plastic into products that will enhance your business, so they refuse radiation degradation and last for as long as you need them to. Our team’s products are state-of-the-art, and we will show you why.

How Does UV Radiation Cause Plastic To Degrade?

We all know what UV radiation can do to our skin when we’re not careful, but oftentimes we don’t consider how it affects the products we use. At Cottage Corporation, we are ahead of the game and understand that each of our products needs to be thoroughly studied and specifically created to ensure they last for their given lifespan. If raw plastic materials are not properly manufactured, UV radiation can cause them to degrade. However, there are a variety of environmental factors that may affect whether plastic degrades and how quickly it can degrade. Some of the factors include:


●        The angle and height of the sun

●        The amount of cloud coverage

●        The product’s altitude


We take each of these factors into account when manufacturing products from plastic sheets. However, if these factors aren’t fully taken into account, the plastic will degrade. The first sign of plastic degradation is discoloration of the material. When the material begins to degrade, it becomes brittle and begins to warp and disintegrate. In extreme cases, such as plastic products in space, the plastic can melt if it’s not properly treated. To learn more about plastic degradation stemming from UV radiation, contact us.

How Do We Guarantee Our Products Are UV Resistant?

In recent years, a variety of standards have been put in place, so that most plastic products have to meet certain exposure levels. Depending on what products we make for you and what you plan to use them for affects how we manipulate the raw plastic materials we purchase to manufacture into products for you. Outside product standards are different from indoor product standards, and we will manufacture each one accordingly. Our state-of-the-art products and processes are proven and meet national standards.

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