At Cottage Corporation, we use the highest quality tools to create supreme acrylic products unmatched anywhere else. One of the tools we use is a state-of-the-art laser cutter, which allows us to complete projects faster while also creating products not seen elsewhere. With our laser cutter, we are able to handle large- and small-scale projects, which gives us an advantage over other companies. We can handle orders from all over the country and ensure you get the products you need to successfully operate your restaurant, hospital, or other business.


Here, our plastic fabrication experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss the benefits of laser cutting and how it separates us from the competition.


●        More Accurate Cutting

The primary benefit of using a laser cutter is the supreme precision it allows. With laser cutters, we are able to create precise levels and edges on our products, which is far superior compared to traditional cutting methods.


When you are looking for display and fixture pieces specifically for your business, our team at Cottage Corporation can create mock designs to help you find exactly what you are looking for. From there, we will program our CNC laser cutter to create the precise products you need for your business. Traditional cutting methods work, however, with human error involved, it is impossible to create products that are the same level as products created with our laser cutting machine. Additionally, the accuracy of the laser never wavers because, unlike other methods, it will never wear out or become damaged by frequent use.


●        Quicker Turnaround And Better Priced

Though shaping plastic by hand or with machines is a time-consuming effort, laser cutting improves turnaround time. The efficiency of the programmed laser means that no parts need to be adjusted during the making of your plastic products. No matter how difficult the project is, whether you need specific edges on a variety of products, such as tubes, sheets, bins, plates, and more, or you need small, precise diameter holes cut into these various products, we can quickly get you the products you need. Additionally, using laser-cutting tools is typically cheaper than other methods because it requires less manpower and fewer machines.

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