As the calendar slowly creeps toward spring and the weather begins to change, it may be time to consider switching up your store’s display ideas. As the weather heats up, more customers will be out and about, which means that it’s time to create new designs and layouts to attract more foot traffic. While the majority of your marketing is probably in a digital format, it is critical you don’t overlook what a well-presented display can do. Here, our plastic fabrication and design experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss different displays to try this year.

Use Flowers

What better way is there to represent spring than using flowers? By strategically placing flowers around your displays and even outside the store, you can draw people’s attention, which makes them more likely to enter your store. Additionally, a psychology study conducted a few years ago details how flowers make people relax when near them. Not only do the flowers’ vibrant colors add to the visual appeal of your displays, but their various scents also attract passersby. When you come to Cottage Corporation, we can make fixtures suitable for displaying the flowers at your store. 

Create Immersive Displays

An easy way to draw potential customers to your displays is to freshen them up with touch and feel displays. Instead of just showing your product in a box on the shelf, let the customer see how it feels in their hands, what they like and dislike, and how they think it can become part of their lives. For example, if you carry toys or outdoor gear that is getting a fresh wave of new products come springtime, consider touch and feel displays, so the customers can fully examine your product. If they feel immersed in your store and see similar displays, they may be more inclined to venture deeper into your store, which increases the chance they’ll buy more of your products. When you choose Cottage Corporation’s touch and feel displays, we will design them so your test products cannot be stolen off the displays.

Contact Cottage Corporation Today

If you are a large or small business and searching for an acrylic manufacturer to provide you with state-of-the-art products and display ideas you need, contact Cottage Corporation today. Not only can we create a wide array of long-lasting products for you, but we can also help you enhance your visual merchandising. To learn more, give us a call at 612-722-9090 or message us on our contact page today.