Changing the layout of your business is a nice way to draw in more customers and renew interest from your frequent shoppers. However, if you change your store’s layout, it may turn off those who come to your store frequently, so you need to ease into the transition. At Cottage Corporation, our award-winning team has been helping our clients across the country enhance their businesses by integrating new display products and more. Here, our team will discuss some of the most important things to consider if you’re thinking about changing the layout of your store or other business.

Have a Clean, Easy-to-Navigate Layout

One of the most underrated aspects of any business design is the ability for customers to navigate your store or business. When you are in the middle of a redesign, one thing you should invest heavily in is signage and branding. By strategically placing signs around your business, your customers will feel more at ease because they’ll be able to find their way around your store with little employee assistance. Many customers enjoy shopping in peace and getting what they need quickly and moving on with their day. By helping them navigate your store and creating a great shopping experience, these customers may be more likely to come back. Additionally, if you advertise the brands you carry using strategically placed signs, fans of those brands may be more likely to come to your store if they know you have what they are looking for.

Consider Touch and Feel Displays

One of the primary benefits of traditional stores as opposed to online shopping is that your customers are able to inspect your products and determine if they are truly know what they are looking for. If you’re redesigning your business’s layout, it’s critical you consider creating touch and feel displays to entice your customers to buy more products. Instead of staring at your products in boxes on shelves, your customers will be able to interact with the displays, see how the products work, and learn how they would fit into their lives, which could encourage them to buy from your store.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Customers

While you may want to create large, stunning displays when remodeling your store’s design, it can actually turn off your customers. If your products are thrown in their faces, it may discourage them from buying the products you have displayed, which can hurt your business. Additionally, if they feel overwhelmed by your displays, they may not want to come back, which can also harm your business.

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