Every store has a different layout with products strategically placed to draw in more customers and gather interest. While each layout and design is conducive to the specific store and business, most are laid out in a similar manner. However, if you believe your store is stagnant and needs a change, you should look into different display types to lure in more customers. This is especially true approaching the holidays. Everyone will be out shopping, and you want to be different to bring in more business, you should consider different displays and fixtures for your retail business. Here, our experts at Cottage Corporation will discuss different retail display designs and how they can benefit your business.

Immerse Your Customers

To gather more interest in your store and draw customers in from the get-go, you need your customers to immediately notice and feel immersed in your displays. An easy way to do this is to play off the current season. If you are trying to sell fall clothing or decorations, decorate your space to reflect the season at hand. Additionally, an easy way to immerse your customers is to make them feel welcome and highlight popular items. By creating a welcoming, immersive environment, you can draw in customers and continue to entice them with your other products and displays.

Create Touch and Feel Displays

People who come to traditional brick and mortar retail stores do so because they like the feeling of community they get when they come into a traditional store. These people want to see displays and be able to interact with them. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to interact with touch and feel displays. If you have your products out on display for your customers to interact with and learn about, they are more likely to be interested in the products and spend more time in your store.

Utilize Cross-Merchandising

When you are trying to enhance your displays and fixtures with new merchandising, you should consider cross-merchandising with your products. Cross-merchandising is essentially placing products that you believe complement each other in the same vicinity or even the same display as similar products. By doing this, you can entice your customers to complete their outfit or kitchen set or more. Cross-merchandising is especially useful in retailers that sell clothing. By dressing your mannequin in a cute, put-together outfit, your customers will be more likely to seek an outfit they love or even the same outfit you displayed. 

Take Advantage of the Seasons

Taking advantage of the current season is a great way to change up your displays and draw in new customers. For each new season, you should change up the decor around your displays, as well as the merchandise you are highlighting. Your displays also do not have to focus solely on weather-based seasons. When the school year is about to begin, you should change the applicable displays to represent the excitement that comes with the new school year. If you change your displays and keep your customers interested, they are more likely to continue to return and purchase your products.

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