Have you ever walked into a retail store and immediately felt drawn to the products? Maybe they were organized in a super tidy manner or part of an overarching creative theme? That’s visual merchandising. Visual merchandising involves displaying products in such a way that they draw in the consumer and practically sell themselves. It’s a strategy that many merchants use to optimize their stores and product displays for maximum revenue, and today we’re going to teach you how to do it!


Sure, successful visual merchandising requires that you have a sense of style and aesthetics, but there are best practices that anyone can follow to see results. Here are five elements of visual merchandising to incorporate in your retail store:


Tell a story.

Customers love to be a part of an experience, so immerse them in a story with your product displays! The story can be about the unique characteristics of your brand, or it can even be as imaginative as a seasonal theme or favorite film. Whatever you choose, make sure to include the customer in your story by showing them how your products will enhance their life. You want them to imagine themselves buying and wearing (or using) your products. Storytelling can be conveyed through a variety of display features such as signage with text or graphics, color schemes, mannequins, and fixtures.


Create a focal point.

Make a great first impression by creating an eye-catching focal point for your product display. If you have a window near your entrance this is the obvious spot for a focal point, because it’s your first opportunity to connect with your customers. But you should also include a focal point in each interior display to grab the customer’s attention and lead them to the display. Remember – at the end of the day, your overall goal for the display is to increase sales, so your products need to be part of the focal point(s).


Don’t be afraid of color. 

Color is your friend. Use contrasting or monochromatic colors to create a theme that will catch the eyes of your customers and guide them to your products.


Group complementary products together.

Putting similar items in the same display gives your customer more reasons to buy more stuff. It also saves them time! Think of how convenient it is when you go to the grocery store and the dip is by the chips – same idea.


Make the most of your space.

Organizing products with shelving, bins, containers, and other display products can help you fit as much merchandise as possible into each display without looking cluttered. The more merchandise you present to the customer, the more options they have for things to buy.


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